Feb 13 - Honolulu Bag Ban Vote This Wednesday


According to media reports, the Honolulu City Council will take the first step in voting on a plastic bag ban this Wednesday.

Bill 10 was introduced by Council Member Ernest Martin on Thursday. The ordinance is similar to bag bans already passed on other Hawaiian islands. It bans plastic bags while allowing reusable bags and paper and compostable bags.

If passed, Bill 10 would affect all businesses in Oahu, effective July 1, 2013. Statewide efforts for a bag ban have been introduced in legislature in the past, but remain unsuccessful. Honolulu is the last major county in the state without a bag ban.

The agenda and details for public comment are available on the City Council website. The meeting begins on February 15 at 10 am in Kapolei.

Oahu residents and tourists have the right to have beaches that are as clean and plastic-bag free as the rest of the Hawaii! Take action here for the Honolulu bag ban, and click here to take action on California’s local bag bans.