Feb 3 - Update: Recyclers Oppose Effort to Ease Restrictions on Landfilling of TV Glass


On Wednesday, CalRecycle held an informal workshop to discuss the issue of CRT glass. As previously mentioned, CRT glass has become a problem for recyclers as traditional recycling markets for CRT glass have been diminishing. Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has a proposal that would ease the restriction on landfilling lead-containing CRT glass.

While the proposed DTSC emergency regulations do not address eligibility for recycling payment claims, if DTSC approves a ‘treatment standard’ for CRT glass then CalRecycle, a sister agency, may initiate their own emergency regulations regarding the eligibility of ‘treated and disposed’ CRT glass for covered electronic device payment, potentially to allow payment for the disposal of glass.

CAW Executive Director Mark Murray was there to argue against paying a recycling payment on the disposal of CRT glass. Not only is this not legal under current statute, this also goes against the intent of the E-waste Recycling Act of 2003 where consumers are paying for the recycling of e-waste. While DTSC may make regulatory changes that authorize CRT glass (under specified circumstances) to be disposed, the e-waste that is disposed should no longer be eligible for a recycling payment.

DTSC is expected to release and finalize their emergency regulations by the end of February.

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