Jan 13 - Long-Awaited Bag Ban Comes to Manhattan Beach This Weekend


On Saturday, January 14, the long-awaited single-use bag ordinance in Manhattan Beach will finally be implemented in city supermarkets and restaurants. Other retail and non-profit stores will have to comply with the ban by July 14.

This comes after being tied up for years in litigation with the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition (STPBC), culminating in the ultimate victory in the California Supreme Court last summer when the city's perseverance paid off. The Court, in a unanimous decision based on the "[s]ubstantial evidence and common sense", determined that the city of Manhattan Beach’s ordinance did not have a significant environmental effect and an environmental impact report (EIR) was not required for the ordinance.

The monumental win paved the way for other local governments to move forward with their ordinances. See the list of current local bag ordinances, which have been approved for 25 CA cities and counties, on our website.

Manhattan Beach passed a plastic bag ban in 2008. Read more on the upcoming implementation of the ordinance on the city's website or in an article.

Find out about our Campaign to End Single-Use Plastic Bags, and why they’re so bad for our environment.

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