Jan 11 - Chico Mayor, Sustainability Task Force Recommends Bag Ban Discussion


The City of Chico may soon ban plastic bags, if the Sustainability Task Force and local advocates have a say. The Sustainability Task Force, an advisory group to the council, recommended the consideration of single-use bag ordinance last Monday. They asked the Chico City Council to discuss a potential ordinance and provide further direction on addressing the issue of plastic bags.

Chico Mayor Ann Schwab, who also sits on the task force, voted in favor of the recommendation. "I think it's time for the Chico City Council to see if it's the right fit for Chico now," Schwab was quoted as saying in the ChicoER.

According to Linda Herman, the city general services administrative manager, the majority of community input was positive at the task force meeting. The council could discuss the ordinance as early as next month.

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