Jan 6 - Yet Another Washington Community Looking At Bag Ban


In the State of Washington, there are currently four local communities—Seattle, Bellingham, Edmonds, and Mukilteo—that have adopted ordinances restricting single-use plastic bags. And another one may be on the way, as the Bainbridge Island City Council recently discussed a similar ordinance. Read more here, and check out the local bag ordinances passed in California and the United States.

Why the interest in banning bags, particularly from these coastal communities? Plastic bags have a disproportionate impact on our environment and economy despite their small size. The ubiquitous plastic bag litters our streets and open waters, resulting in unnecessary wildlife deaths and injuries as well as costly litter cleanups and recycling machine repairs for local governments. Read more about plastic bag impacts here.

In fact, a grey whale washed up dead on Washington shores just a few years ago. A necropsy found 20 plastic bags in its stomach. Plastic bags can also choke or entangle a marine creature. See a video of what can happen when a dolphin meets a plastic bag.

If you're interested in doing more to support plastic bag ordinances,visit our Take Action page or make an online donation to CAW.