Dec 22- Coalition for American Electronics Recycling Grows

Share Sims Recycling Solutions is the newest member to a rapidly growing coalition of electronic recycling companies called the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER).

CAER was formed this summer to support the passage of national electronics recycling legislation, specifically HR 2284 and its companion bill SB 1270. These bills would prohibit the export of restricted electronic waste to non-OECD countries, as well as provide grants for the research and development of rare-earth metal recycling technologies.

"The sole focus right now is passage of a strong bill restricting toxic exports of unprocessed e-waste. CAER gives its members the opportunity to join the fight for responsible recycling, business expansion and job creation and against sham recycling," says CAER spokesperson Paul Vetter, speaking to E-Scrap News.

As the world's largest electronics recycling company, Sims Recycling Solutions is an important addition to the push for federal action on electronics. "Without strong environmental, health and safety standards, recycling electronic waste can become a risk to not only the environment but also to the employees working under those conditions," said SRS president Steve Skurnac in a press release. "We are proud to stand behind CAER and support their efforts to prevent toxic e-waste from entering landfills overseas." Sims was recently awarded by CalRecycle with the 2011 WRAP award.

The Responsible Electronics Recycling Act of 2011, introduced in the summer, would prohibit U.S. recyclers from dumping electronic waste on developing countries and to promote recycling jobs at home. For these same reasons, CAW supports AB 960 by Assembly Member Bonnie Lowenthal, which requires e-waste recyclers to conform their export practices as a condition of receiving existing recycling payments under California’s e-waste law. It is currently a 2-year bill.

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