Oct 14 - Study Indicates Potential Energy in Unrecycled Plastics


A recent study from Columbia University and funded by the American Chemistry Council determined that the US was landfilling a large amount of potential energy each year in unrecycled plastics--enough to fuel six million cars.

Dr. Marco J. Castaldi of Columbia University noted that plastics have a higher energy value than coal. But as Steve Russell of the ACC stated in an article, "Whenever possible, plastics should be recycled."

The US recently broke a record in the amount of PET (polyethylene terephthalate, often indicated by resin code #1) we recycle.

And in California, CAW saw success this month with the passage and signing of several bills to increase recycling in the state, including AB 341 (75% recycling goal plus mandatory business and apartment recycling) and AB 1149 (increased closed-loop recycling of plastics).

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