Oct 13 - Carton Recycling Now Available in CA Valley


While there have been growing number of municipalities accepting beverage cartons at curbside, the recycling takes place out of state.

Now, Pena´s Disposal in Cutler, Calif., just announced that they will accept cartons for recycling. According to the Business Journal, Peña's is the first company in Tulare County to start a recycling program. With a 62,000 square-foot materials recovery facility in Cutler and a recycling center in Dinuba, Peña's is now the first company in the San Joaquin Valley to accept juice, milk, soy, broth and other beverage and food cartons.

According to Carlos Garcia, Pena´s Disposal recycling coordinator, "Pena´s Disposal is on the constant search for viable markets for recycled material. The Carton Council’s initiative has guaranteed an outlet for cartons and we are excited for the new opportunity to add them to our stream."

The move is part of a national initiative by the Carton Council, an association of four packaging companies, to increase recycling of cartons in communities nationwide. Once processed, the company said, the cartons will be sold to paper mills to be recycled into new paper products and building materials.