Oct 8 - Governor Signs Additional Recycling Bills

Share In addition to the passage of landmark recycling legislation on Thursday, the Governor has just signed two other CAW-sponsored bills:

SB 567 (by Senator Mark DeSaulnier) insures truth in environmental advertising by expanding the scope of exisiting limitations on misleading labeling from bags and food packaging to all plastic products. SB 567 restricts the use of the term "biodegradable" and allows only verifiable claims about a product's degradability that do not deceive consumers.

AB 525 (by Assembly Member Rich Gordon) extends CalRecycle's successful Rubberized Asphalt Concrete tire recycling program to support viable markets for recycled tires.

In addition, the Governor has signed SB 489 (by Senator Lois Wolk), a bill sponsored by the CA Climate & Agriculture Network and supported by CAW, which will foster the development of anaerobic digesters and other small renewable energy projects by allowing them to be included in the state's Net Energy Metering program.

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