Sep 22 - Replanet Reopens Reverse Vending Machines

California residents can once again recycle their beverage containers at reverse vending machines at local grocery stores.

rePLANET used to have 400 automated reverse vending machines throughout the state, but they were removed earlier this year.

According to rePLANET, when people redeem an eligible plastic bottle through an RVM they receive a flat per bottle rate, but when rePLANET recycles those bottles they receive a per-pound rate determined by CalRecycle, the state’s recycling agency, and the per pound rate does not cover the cost of the refund paid to the consumer.

"We still hope the state fixes the rate issue, but we are no longer willing to transfer the cost of existing state errors to our valued customers," rePLANET’s Marketing Director Matt Millhiser said in a statement. As a result, Californians can now redeem their plastic bottles at 117 RVMS across the state. Millhiser said he anticipates the remaining 133 machines will be fully operational by Oct. 31.

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AB 1149 (Gordon) ensures that plastic bottles collected in California stay in California for processing and remanufacturing. The bill is currently on the Governor's desk. Take Action! Send a support letter today!