Sept 14 - Clean Up Our Beaches and River This Saturday

Share This Saturday is International Coastal Clean Up Day. There will be many opportunities to help clean up our rivers and beaches through the American River Parkway Foundation and the Ocean Conservancy.

Plastic is the fastest-growing component of the waste stream, and plastic pollution like Styrofoam and single-use bags are among the most commonly found items during beach and coastal cleanups. Because plastic essentially never biodegrades, once littered plastic becomes a permanent environmental problem.

For the nearest clean-up location to you, check out the following websites:

Learn more about local plastics bag ordinances, and what CAW is doing to help reduce plastic litter on our website.

CAW is also sponsoring SB 567, a bill that is currently at the Governor's Desk to help prevent consumer deception. Due to the exceptional harm caused by plastics litter, and the decrease in barriers to littering associated with products labeled as "biodegradable", SB 567 (DeSaulnier) expands the existing limitations on product labels that imply degradability from plastic bags and food packaging to all plastic products. This bill also prevents the use of words such as "compostable" unless they meet specified standards.