Sept 8 - Legislature Sends Recycling Bills to Governor

In the second to last day of the legislative session, the California legislature has sent several major recycling bills to the Governor:

  • AB 341 (Chesbro) Establishes a new statewide goal of 75% source reduction, recycling and composting by 2020, and requires that all commercial enterprises and institutions implement recycling programs.
  • AB 1149 (Gordon) Extends and expands the state's successful plastic recycling market development program.
  • AB 525 (Gordon) Extends the state program to utilize Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (used tires in roads).
  • SB 567 (DeSaulnier) Prohibits the deceptive use of the term 'biodegradable' on plastic products unless those products meet specified criteria.

The legislature took no action today on SB 568 (Lowenthal), the measure to phase out the use of foamed polystyrene fast food packaging.

More details tomorrow (after we've gotten some sleep). Good night.