Sept 2 - Local Chamber of Commerce Sees Jobs in Recycling


Members of the Recycling BIN (Build Infrastructure Now) Coalition, which include the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce and California Association for Economic Development, recently submitted a letter and white paper to the California Air Resources Board citing the value of commercial recycling for job creation.

The coalition proposed a task force that would decrease the exportation of recyclables and associated greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation, and increase our recycling-based economy in conjunction with the adoption of mandatory commercial recycling.

According to the white paper, 80-95% of the state’s recyclables are exported mostly overseas, and

"…recycling needs to be considered not just as an environmental activity, but as a fundamental consideration of land use and economic development for every region in the state…"

CAW is the sponsor of AB 341 (Chesbro) which would mandate commercial and apartment recycling, as well as one of the principal supporters of the commercial recycling regulation being adopted pursuant to AB 32. Please visit our website for more information.