Aug 26 - Sign the Petition to Remove Pro-Plastic Text from CA Textbooks


As this blog is being written, over 20,000 signatures have already been gathered on a petition to remove the plastic-industry influenced changes to the state’s Environmental Education Curriculum as reported earlier this month in a California Watch report. And the number is expected to grow, as the public tells the industry to stay out of their children’s education.

Reasons why the petition was signed include:

"Because the truth should never be for sale to the highest bidder -- and neither should our children's education."

"We must keep as much industrial spin and manipulation out of our educational system as possible. Tell the truth."

"Corporations and big business shouldn’t meddle with curricula."

To sign the petition which will be sent to the state EPA and School Board of Education, click here. The petition language is below.

Remove pro-plastic bag text inserted into California Curriculum


I am writing to express my strong disapproval of recent pro-plastic bag text inserted into California's State curriculum on behalf of the lobbying arm of the petrochemical industry.

Not only do industry lobbyists, such as the American Chemistry Council, have no business setting curriculum materials, but encouraging the use of plastic bags counteracts the policies and established facts found by many municipalities in California.

Across the country, bans on plastic bags are gaining momentum because they make sense—in today's world, there is no need for a flimsy, fossil-fuel based, single-use bag. The waste is enormous and emphasis must be placed on investment in products that are made from sustainable materials that last.

After years of dedicated work to revise the standards for California's public education, it seems indeed regrettable that the content of the current textbooks should be compromised due to self-interested pressure from this industry association. It doesn't have to be this way. The curriculum is still in testing phase and can be altered.

I respectfully ask that you take action to remove this example of industry influence from the state's curriculum.

I look forward to hearing of your swift action on this important matter.

[Your name]