Aug 19- New Video Games Teach Kids How to Recycle


Video games are often blamed for teaching kids bad behavior through overly violent game play, but how about teaching kids how to recycle?

Nowadays, some nonprofits and other organizations are looking to the gaming industry to spread messages about sustainability, recycling, and overall being an environmentally conscious citizen. An article in USA Today highlighted some of these new games:

"In the iPhone/iPod Touch game Face the Waste (99 cents), players sort trash into the correct recycling bin as villain Toxic Tim tries to thwart them. The aim: help people better understand the environmental issues around them and how to reverse the harmful effects of our society's daily habits," says developer Jake Walker.

Another recycling sortable game for iPhone and iPod Touch, Eco Mania (99 cents), also has players matching items on a conveyer belt with the proper recycling bin. In between rounds, recycling tips are offered up. "It will help kids understand what is recycled where," Aldrich says."

Some of the games deal with more issues than just recycling, including climate change and the effects of globalization. The purpose of these games is clear: to spread awareness about environmental issues through a new medium.

To read the full USA Today article, click here.

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