Jul 13 - How Reusing Bags Can Help Our State Parks


Many grocers offer a payback of a few cents for each reusable bag you bring into the store. For the philanthropic shopper, Raley’s grocery stores are now donating 5 cents for every reused bag to California State Parks, up to $100,000 annually. These donations could provide some relief to the park system, after Governor Jerry Brown proposed the closure of 70 state parks in an effort to balance the budget last May.

According to a Raley’s press release, "As a proud partner, Raley’s absorbs all administrative fees to ensure that all of the money raised will be used to help preserve, repair and maintain State Parks. By helping raise $100,000 to benefit California and Nevada parks, we can help preserve these local treasures for use now — and in the future."

Customers will be able to see their donation contribution on their receipts, and the program will not just limited to reusable bags, but any type of bag brought in to all Raley's stores, including paper and plastic.

To read the full press release, click here.