Jul 8 - MLB All Star Game to Focus on Sustainability

Major league baseball stadiums aren’t usually prime examples of mass recycling and composting, as thousands of people gather to watch the game while they indulge in single serving snacks, often producing enormous amounts of waste. This year’s All Star Week at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ, however, will be different.

In conjunction with the National Resources Defense Council, this year’s All Star Game with be the fourth to have implanted environmentally conscious efforts to reduce waste during the event. Some of the initiatives to achieve this include: teams of people circulating the stadium to collect recyclables, 100 new recycling bins set up permanently in the stadium, composting of waste generated during the event, and energy efficient equipment to name a few, according to an article in Waste Management World.

CAW supports efforts such as this to reduce our environmental footprint and decrease waste generation. In 2004, CAW supported AB 2176, by Assembly Member Montanez, which required large venues to develop recycling plans and report to their local governments.