Jun 27 - Pilot Program To Increase Plastic Recycling in Supermarkets


This summer, the plastics recycling industry will launch a 6 month program to increase plastic container recycling at grocery stores. Packing containers and other products commonly used in the store rooms of delis and bakeries are targeted in this particular program. An estimated 350 million pounds of these products are used in medium to large supermarkets in the US, according to a Plastics News article.

The purpose of the pilot program is to figure out the obstacles and economic effects of implementing such programs in the future. During the course of the 6 months, program managers will work with the participating supermarkets to see what kind of collection process is required to make recycling efforts worthwhile and attractive to the stores.

The supermarkets who will participate in the pilot program are currently unannounced, however, according the Elizabeth Bedard of the Association for Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers, they will be two national grocery chains.

Expectations of the program are hopeful as long as certain factors are in place. "An adequate supply, enough good raw materials, proven technology, good demand and profitable end products are needed to make rigid plastic recycling successful," said Bedard.

Half of the targeted plastic containers are expected to be composed of polyethylene resin with the other half made from polystyrene. For more on rigid plastic packaging containers in California, visit our website.