Jun 23 - Plastic Recycler Expands with New CA Plant to Meet Demand


Envision, a plastics recycling company, has expanded its operations to an additional wash facility in Chino, California due to increased demand for recycled resin, specifically its EcoPrime food-grade recycled resin.

According to an article in Waste & Recycling News, "Envision has nearly doubled annual capacity for EcoPrime food-grade pellets in less than 18 months to 23.2 million pounds." Envision’s resin is used in a variety food, beverage, and personal care packaging products. Its new facilities are enabling more businesses to incorporate recycled plastics into their products without sacrificing high production costs or quality, making recycled resin a competitive alternative.

Right now, over 90% of recycled plastic collected in California is being exported to other countries for processing. The introduction of Envision’s new plant in Chino will help develop California's processing capacity, and help close the loop on plastics recycling. The increased capacity of the company, in light of increased demand, translates into a greater economic benefit for California in terms of jobs and growth.

Since 2007, California has encouraged California-based manufacturers of products and packaging to utilize recycled plastic in-state, from companies such as Envision, through the Plastic Market Development Program. By keeping the plastics recycling market in state, we will reduce pollution and waste, and increase jobs and economic opportunity in California.

However, on January 1, 2012 this program will expire, which is why CAW is sponsoring AB 1149 (Gordon) , which would extend the program’s timeline. The current program helps sustain some 750 jobs at 6 processing facilities and several manufacturing facilities in California.

To read more about AB 1149, click here.