Jun 22 - Coke Backs Out of Commitment - Spartanburg Plant Now For Sale


Coke has fallen short of its commitments again.

In April, after much commotion over Coke closing its food-grade PET operations at the NURRC LLC plant, Coke says its PET recycling plant will be operating this summer.

Now, only two months after, the PET recycling plant in Spartanburg is for sale. According to Plastics News, which broke the story, it will be hard to find buyer for the plant as new PET recycling plant typically cost $12-15 million, while the Spartanburg plant represents about $50 million in investment. URRC did not confirm or deny.

Previously, Coca Cola's Director of Sustainable Packaging Scott Vitters said there has been no change in the company’s commitment to recycling, renewables, recycled content or the NURRC Spartanburg venture. "There is no walk-away from our commitments," Vitters said. All of our commitments remain the same."

Coke has also been under fire for Greenwashing.