Jun 15 - CalRecycle to Preserve Recycling Payments

Share As mentioned in May, CalRecycle was contemplating an ‘adjustment’ in processing payments (which covers the difference between cost of recycling and the scrap value of the material) as early as July 1. After input from stakeholders and interested parties, including CAW, CalRecycle will not be making a mid-year reduction to processing payments made to recyclers.

CalRecycle has the authority to adjust processing payments when scrap value changes more than 5%. This year, statewide average scrap values for glass, PET and HDPE have all increased by more than 5% above the scrap value used to set 2011 Processing Payment levels. However, based on economic indicators and anecdotal reports, recyclers costs are also increasing. Adjusting the processing payment mid-year would not be in the best interest of the program at this time.

CalRecycle will reexamine processing payment (and processing fee) calculations for January 1, 2012 when a more thorough analysis of processing fee and payment level can be done.

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