May 11 - SF First in the State to Pass Opt-in Yellow Pages Ordinance


Yesterday, San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 to approve a 3-year pilot program to limit distribution of Yellow Pages. The ordinance requires Yellow Page distributors or publishers to confirm that delivery is desirable before leaving yellow pages in a doorway for a resident who is not at home. Confirmation can be done by phone, by mail, or by leaving a notice of attempted delivery.

The economic impact study, conducted by the city's chief economist, came out on Monday. According to the report, the ordinance would actually boost the economy, in part by lowering advertising rates and reducing cost of recycling Yellow Pages.

According to Ted Egan, Chief Economist:

This proposed legislation, however, generates both environmental and economic benefits. It will reduce the city's waste and recycling costs, as well as fostering a more efficient business advertising system in San Francisco.

The legislation will have a customary second reading next tuesday but is expected to pass easily.

CAW supports source reduction of phone books, since it is the best solution to conserve resources, reduce costs, and ease the burden of recycling on local governments. f you’d like to learn how you can opt-out of receiving your Yellow Book this year, or simply want to learn about the effects of phone book distribution, click here.