May 6 - Vermont Legislature Passes Fluorescent Light Recycling Bill


Vermont Legislature passed S.34(Senator Lyons), the bill to create extended producer responsibility recycling program for mercury-containing light bulbs. Under S.34, recycling costs will be paid by the manufacturer, consistent with other product stewardship legislation that Vermont has enacted.

Mercury-containing lamps, such as CFLs, are seen as an environmentally friendly product compared to incandescent lamps, and environmental organizations support and even encourage their continued use. However, these bulbs also contain small amounts of mercury - a known neurotoxin - which makes properly disposing of the lamps critically important.

The bill now goes to the Governor's desk for a signature. If signed, Vermont would be the third state to have such a program, following Washington and Maine.

Read the press release.

For the last three years, CAW has continuously fought to promote energy efficiency, while at the same time ensure convenient recycling opportunities exist as well. Currently, SB 589(Lowenthal) is intended to make retail collection of mercury lamps easier.