Apr 28 - Sacramento Article Highlights Outdated Phone Book Distribution


A recent article in the Sacramento News & Review brings up the issue of the Yellow Page's practicality in a technological era. According to the article, in Sacramento alone, 130,000 residences received the books on their doorsteps. In a time where a high percentage of residents have internet access, many ask whether the phone books have outlived their usefulness.

CAW supports source reduction of phone books. It is the best solution to conserve resources, reduce costs, and ease the burden of recycling on local governments.

CAW policy associate Teresa Bui commented on the topic," The issue is consumer choice…Many consumers do not want the phone books but they still receive them anyways, so the phone books end up getting tossed right into the garbage, or recycling receptacle, or used as a door stopper."

Last month, San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to postpone the approval of an ordinance that would require residents to opt-in to receive a Yellow Pages, rather than the previous process of having to opt-out. The city is conducting an economic impact report and the Board will vote on the ordinance on May 10th. No such legislation has been approved anywhere else in the state and many are watching San Francisco to see how the program plays out.

If you’d like to learn how you can opt-out of receiving your Yellow Pages this year, or simply want to learn about the effects of phone book distribution, click here.