Mar 24 - New Study Highlights Consumer Confusion Over Environmental Claims

In a recent study released by Cone Inc, data shows that consumers continue to misconstrue environmental marketing claims when purchasing products. Phrases such as "green" and "environmentally friendly" are ubiquitous in the marketplace. And while some of these products may replace older, more environmentally damaging versions, they do not necessarily impart any environmental benefit. They may just do less harm.

A more telling result of the Cone Report shows consumers will punish a company who they feel has mislead them with these claims. 71% said they would stop buying the product, while 37% said they would boycott all the offending company’s products.

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CAW has launched a related campaign against the use of the "biodegradable" label on the growing bioplastic product market. This type of greenwashing does more than confuse and alienate consumers. It also has the potential of causing environmental harm by increasing litter and contamination of established recycling streams.