Mar 22 - Yolo County Holds Free Tire Recycling Tomorrow

Tomorrow, March 23rd, the Yolo County landfill will be offering free tire recycling between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., made possible through a grant from CalRecycle. People will be able to drop off up to nine tires to be recycled, including passenger, truck and tractor tires. To read more about certain restrictions, read Yolo County’s news release.

In 2009, two similar events were held which collected over 3,000 tires. These efforts have helped increase the rate of diversion of tires from landfills. In 2008, an EPA report showed that although 4,690 tons of rubber tires were being generated, only 1,660 tons were being recovered for recycling. An unnecessary amount of tire waste is sent to landfills in California every year despite the various uses these products still maintain. Such applications include track and sport surfaces and rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC).

Current proposed legislation, AB 525 (Gordon) will help establish a new framework for recycling the 40 million reusable and waste tires generated each year in the state. Track this bill and see what you can do to support other legislation here.

You can take action today by participating in Yolo County’s tire recycling event.