Mar 7 - Congress Reverts Back to Styrofoam Food Ware

Congress's "Green the Capitol" plan, initiated by Nancy Pelosi, has lost some ground recently as GOP leaders have voted to revert back to using styrofoam food wares and plastic utensils in the Capitol's restaurants (the program formerly was using biodegradable products). Many of the reasons indicated for this change have to do with poor quality and high prices, but many Democrats and environmentalists are concerned about the detrimental effects caused by using the non-recyclable foam.

Styrofoam stands today as one of the most environmentally damaging forms of litter due to its light weight (easy portability) and lack of recycling options. Although biodegradable products have their own issues, (click here to read more about bioplastics), the continued use of styrofoam is not an acceptable alternative. CAW has continued to advocate for the disuse of these types of food wares as they remain prominent in single serving containers at restaurants and fast food diners.

This year, CAW is proud to support SB 568 (Lowenthal); a bill that prohibits food vendors from selling cooked food in styrofoam containers.

Click here to hear the full story on NPR.