Feb 24 - Multi-Family Recycling Program Kicks Off in Salinas/S. Monterey County

The Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority (SVSWA) has implemented a program designed to help multi-family dwellings (such as apartments, condominiums, and town homes) recycle without leaving their residence. Because these types of properties are considered commercial properties and not residential, under Californian law they are not mandated to have recycling bins.

Currently, CAW is also pursuing legislation aimed at making multi-family dwelling and commercial recycling a reality for the entire state of California by supporting AB 341 (Chesbro). AB 341 increases the state's waste diversion goal from 50% to 75% by 2020. To help reach this goal, recycling would be expanded to include commercial properties like the ones helped by the SVSWA's program described above. Although an identical bill was vetoed last year by the governor, a new governor has entered office who is dedicated to job creation (a direct byproduct of AB 341 as the waste/recycling sector expands).

Until this legislation is passed, however, many counties are taking in into their own hands to increase diversion rates in their communities. In Salinas and South Monterey County, property owners and managers can contact the Multi-Family Recycling Program to set up a recycling plan based on their waste and infrastructure assesment. To read more about how to get your multi-family residence involved, click here.