Feb 1 - SF Introduces Yellow Pages Ordinance


There will be a press conference today as Supervisor Chiu introduce legislation to reduce unwanted phone books in SF, the first of its kind in the country. Seattle first introduced an "opt-out" provision so consumers can halt unsolicited phone book deliveries, but the SF ordinance will go even further.

The Ordinance requires a Yellow Page distributor or publisher to confirm that delivery is desireable before leaving yellow pages in a doorway for a resident who is not at home. Confirmation can be done by phone, by mail, or by leaving a notice of attempted delivery. Unsolicited deliveries, however, could result in fines of up to $500 for each violation. The law would be enforced by the city's Department of the Environment. If passed, this would affect Yellow Pages and the combo White and Yellow Pages, but not White Pages.

San Francisco residents receive nearly one million yellow pages phonebooks every year, unsolicited. Yellow pages have become obsolete, now that over 80% of SF residents have access to the internet, and smartphones that provides a paperless solution which is faster, more accurate, efficient and environmentally sustainable than a paper phone book.

According to San Francisco Recology it costs $300/ton to collect and dispose of, or recycle, yellow pages in San Francisco, a cost born entirely by commercial and residential ratepayers.

Press conference details:
When: 11:30 am Tuesday, February 1st
Where: SF City Hall, Main Entrance (Polk Street Steps)