Jan 14- Freakonomics Author Speaks Out on "Pay As You Throw" Programs

On January 11th, NPR's program Marketplace spoke with Freakonomics author, Stephen J. Dubner about the benefits and aftermath of implementation of "Pay As You Throw" (PAYT) programs around the country.

"Pay As You Throw" programs, according to Dubner, attempt to tackle the problem of the "free rider" dilemma, which underlines people's lack of incentives to produce less trash since they pay a flat rate for their waste disposal. PAYT programs, on the other hand, give people a direct, monetary incentive to produce less waste and are likely to promote higher levels of recycling and composting.

As you know, CAW is always actively promoting alternatives to landfill use through a number of legislative efforts to support increased recycling of various products. Click here to view our game plan for the year.

You can listen to this segment here (starting at about 7:55):