Dec 22 - Bogus Industry Ad Aimed at Scaring Consumers Away from Reusable Bags

Desperate. The plastics industry will do, say, and spend just about anything in a desperate attempt to save their billion dollar plastic bag business.

The plastic bag and chemical resin industries have spent millions in the last two years in lobbying, campaign contributions and misleading advertising to block legislation to eliminate expensive-to-clean and environmentally damaging plastic bags.

Their latest desperate move: Newspaper advertisements by a bogus consumer front group aimed at scaring the public away from using reusable shopping bags.

The three-quarter page ads appeared this week in the LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Orange County Register, and make several vague and misleading claims aimed at undermining public confidence in reusable bags.

"Most reusable bags come from China."

FALSE! California is home to several of the largest reusable bag companies, including Roplast, Chicobags, Earthwise and Green Bag.

"There may be excessive amounts of lead in reusable bags coming from China."

Misleading! While there may be some amount of lead in the dyes used in some bags (and clothes, and dishware) made in China, popular and convenient reusable bags, such as Chicobags, have been certified to contain zero lead or other hazardous materials.

"There's a good chance these bags also have dangerous levels of bacteria."

False! Despite spending tens of thousands to try to buy a bogus study, there is zero evidence that reusable bags contain anything close to dangerous levels of bacteria, or that the e.coli strains found are in fact dangerous. The study concluded that reusable bags contain the same bacteria as kitchen countertops, shopping carts, and other common surface areas that can come in contact with meat.

Don't be misled by the last-ditch efforts of the plastic industry to stop bag bans! Their own industry-funded LCA concluded that the reusable bag is the environmentally superior alternative to single-use plastic and paper bags.

While we will never match the spending of the plastics industry, your tax-deductible contribution will help ensure that we have the necessary staff and resources to counter their desperate tactics.