Oct 29 - SJ Mercury News Editorial Against Prop 26

Prop 26 is SO BAD that both the Sacramento Bee and the San Jose Mercury News dedicated two full editorials each in urging voters to reject yet another attempt by Big Oil, Tobacco, and Alcohol to avoid paying for the harm they cause.

According to San Jose Mercury News Editorial:

Proposition 26…is just as much of a threat to state environmental protections, not to mention taxpayers. We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Vote no on Proposition 26…Companies that deal with hazardous waste, for instance, pay a fee that helps fund the cleanup of toxic sites. Under Proposition 26, the introduction of new programs or the expansion of existing ones like this would face an impossible hurdle in a two-thirds vote. The need for cleanups wouldn’t go away, so the cost would be shifted to taxpayers.