Oct 27 - SacBee Editorial: Prop. 26 - "Dirty Sleeper on State Ballot"

According to the Sacramento Bee editorial board, Proposition 26 has been flying under the radar of its more well-publicized brother, Prop 23, but it is just as damaging.

Proposition 26 would make it harder for the state to assess fees on industries that generate pollution or cause other societal harms, such as tobacco and oil companies. Currently, lawmakers can pay for programs that benefit society - including public education campaigns to combat smoking or encourage recycling of used motor oil - through fees on industry approved by a majority vote. Proposition 26 would expand the definition of a tax, thereby requiring a two-thirds vote on such fees at the state and local government level.

According to the Sacbee:

This is the last thing California needs - another law that hurts the state budget, ties lawmakers' hands, adds to litigation and could cause environmental harm.

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