Sep 27 - Lake Co. News Calls AB 737 "Green Economic Stimulus"

Lake County News published an editorial in support of AB 737 (by Assembly Member Wesley Chesbro), calling the bill a "green economic stimulus" and saying that the bill "will create thousands of environmentally friendly recycling jobs."

The editorial urges Governor Schwarzenegger to sign the bill because it builds on California's proven and successful recycling law, AB 939:

"Chesbro’s AB 737 seeks to expand on AB 939, the California Integrated Waste Management Act passed in 1989 - ground-breaking legislation that set recycling standards for California that other states have since copied.

AB 939 made it possible for California to lead the nation in the amount of waste diverted from landfills, currently 58 percent, and to create those 125,000 jobs."

(See Lake County News to read the entire editorial.)

The Governor only has until Thursday to sign AB 737! Fax a letter or send an email asking the him to sign this bill.