Sep 20 - Paint Remains the Largest Source of Hazardous Waste

California Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) programs collect more than 26 million pounds of postconsumer paint per year, making paint the single largest waste stream managed by the HHW programs. It is also the most expensive, costing California taxpayers and garbage ratepayers approximately $27 million dollars annually to manage.

For example, in Alameda County alone, managing leftover paint cost the county $350,000 annually.

Currently, on the Governor's desk is AB 1343 by Assembly Member Huffman, a measure that will require paint manufacturers to develop and implement a program to collect, transport, and process post-consumer paint to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of the disposal of post-consumer paint in this state.

The bill is supported by the paint industry because this paint model has gone through a multi-stakeholder national discussion for the last few years, and has been successfully implemented in Oregon.

Take Action! Send a support letter, requesting the Governor's signature on the bill.