Sep 9 - This Bill Deserves Red Carpet Treatment

The Sacbee editorial highlights the environmental and economic benefits of AB 2398 by Speaker Perez.

Carpet is a significant waste problem because it comprises 3.2% of all waste disposed in California and is bulky and difficult to manage at landfills. In addition, carpet has a large greenhouse gas footprint because carpet is made primarily from petroleum. AB 2398 could divert 1.3 million tons of carpet waste from California's landfills annually.

This measure will create a carpet stewardship, allowing the industry to assess $0.05 per square yard on new carpet. The proceeds, perhaps $5 million a year, would go to a nonprofit industry-run corporation called Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE). CARE would receive the money, oversee the recycling effort, and file annual reports with the state detailing its progress.

This bill would significantly reduce the environmental impacts of carpet, as well as reduce volume to landfills and create jobs in recycling.

This bill is currently at the Governor's desk, awaiting his signature or veto.

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