Jul 14 - CalRecycle Propose Lowering Recycling Fee on Covered Electronic Purchases

CalRecycle is proposing to reduce the electronic recycling fee on consumers.

If you have bought a new television or computer monitor in the last few years, you might have noticed there was an e-waste fee on your receipt.

As part of a law passed in 2003, Californians pay a Recycling fee at point of sale on new covered electronic devices (such as DVD players, TVs, and laptops). This allows consumers to recycle their covered electronics for free at the end of life. Retailers collect the fee, sends it to Board of Equalization. The state then reimburse collectors and recyclers for collecting and managing e-waste.

At the start of the program, the fees were as follow:

• $6 for CED with a screen size greater than 4 inches but less than 15 inches (measured diagonally).
• $8 for 15 <35 inch screen.
• $10 for >35 in screen.

However, in 2009, CalRecycle increased the consumer fee to maintain solvency in the fund to the following:

• $8 <15 in. screen
• $16 for 15 <35 inch screen.
• $25 for >35 in screen.

Now, based on the projected recycling trends and payment obligations, CalRecycle will likely revert the fee back to the original level of $6, $8, and $10. They must decide prior to August 1st how to restructure the fee levels to maintain appropriate and adequate funding in the E-waste fund. Any changes would take effect on January 1, 2011.