Jun 24 - LA Times Opinion: California Should Ban Wasteful Grocery Bags


The LA Times Editorial did a feature on Plastic Bags pollution and how AB 1998 is the "easiest and most effective step Californians can take toward cleaning up plastics pollution."

The bill bans plastic bags and consumers would pay a minimum of 5 cents each for paper bags, which are less environmentally damaging than plastic bags.

The editorial board asserts that AB 1998 is a good compromise for all as it will benefit the environment at a minimum of inconvenience or cost to consumers and businesses. It does not levy new expenses on grocers or other retailers and it gives consumers a choice of either paying a few cents for a more environmentally acceptable paper bag or avoiding the cost altogether by bringing reusable totes.

The bill will be heard on Monday by the Senate Environmental Quality Committee.

Learn more about AB 1998.