Jun 7 - CA E-waste Program Update

The CalRecycle Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Program has made its recommendation to not to change the recovery and recycling payment rates. These rates are to reimburse collectors ($0.20/lb) and recyclers ($0.28/lb) for the cost to collect and recycle covered electronic devices from California residents.

CalRecycle staff have held two stakeholder workshops in May, presenting an analysis of collection and recycling cost data received through annually required Net Cost Reports. Stakeholders had an opportunity to provide comment and conjecture about the possibilities of higher future costs.

According to the agency, "based on the available cost data, as well as the general uncertainties associated with future CRT glass management, the CEW program is recommending that no change be made to the current recovery and recycling payments rates."

Final comments on this proposal may be provided at the June 16, 2010 regular monthly meeting of the Materials Management and Local Assistance (MMLA) Program.