May 7 - White Pages May Go Way of Rotary-Dialed Phone

According to the New York Times, Verizon has asked regulators to allow Verizon to stop distributing White Pages to New York residents. Verizon asserts that only 1 in 9 household still look at White Pages, as a majority of residents have moved to looking up information on the internet or calling directory assistance. The company estimates it would save nearly 5,000 tons of paper by ending the practice of automatically distributing White Pages. Residents can still receive White Pages, upon request, for free in print or CD form.

Verizon has a similar request before regulators in New Jersey. In some states, including Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma and Georgia, AT&T has already received approval to stop delivering White Pages to all residents.

In California, SB 920 by Senator Yee, would make it easier for consumers to opt-out of receiving unwanted directories by requiring telephone directory publishers to prominently display an opt-out phone number on the front cover. This bill is up in Senate Appropriations committee on monday 5/17.