Dec 21 - Mayor Gavin Newsom and Teamsters Leader Bob Morales Write Recycling Op-Ed

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and International Brotherhood of Teamsters director Robert Morales co-wrote an Op-Ed in Sunday's Sacramento Bee. The article makes a compelling case for increased recycling and composting as a Zero Waste strategy for California and as a way to generate green jobs and reduce global warming.

"Equally important for the future of our green economy is that recycling and composting mean jobs. The Institute for Local Self Reliance reports that every additional 10,000 tons recycled translates into 10 new frontline jobs and 25 new jobs in recycling-based manufacturing."

Mayor Newsom and Mr. Morales also make it clear that they do not support waste-to-energy or landfilling as part of their zero waste vision. "It makes no sense to burn materials or put them in a hole in the ground when these same materials can be turned into the products and jobs of the future."

CAW has been leading the effort in California to expand recycling and composting (75% by 2020) while battling proponents of Waste to Energy over AB 222, a measure that would remove enviromental safeguards.

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