Dec 15 - Global E-waste Market is Forecast to Reach 53 Million Tonnes by 2012

A new report on global e-waste estimates that 40 million metric tons of e-waste is generated each year. The global e-waste market is forecast to reach 53 million tonnes by 2012. Read the article.

As a consumer, what can you do? The Daily Green has some tips for the holiday season:

Please make sure to recycle any old e-waste that you don't use any more. You can check out CAW's e-waste page for the nearest recycler.

You can also donate your unwanted electronics to charity. CollectiveGood collects used cell phones and donates refurbished phones to underprivileged communities around the globe, while Close the Gap provides reused and refurbished computers to various developing countries.

Whether you are donating or recycling the electronic devices, please make sure to protect your identity by erasing any personal information from your electric devices.

Source reduction is always the best way to reduce waste generation - do you really need the newest version of that phone or computer?

If you do, you can reduce your ecological impact by buying green - buy electronics are made from recycled, eco-friendly, and biodegradable materials. Ask yourself, are they energy efficient? Do the manufacturers provide end-of-life takeback? Are the devices easily repairable?

Donate to CAW so We Can Help Expand California's Existing E-waste Law