Dec 3 - California Waste Company Receives Environmental Award

Recology, a San Francisco-based waste company, has received an environmental award from a leading industry publication. The company received the Waste & Recycling News Environmental Award for its waste diversion programs and corporate sustainability efforts. Waste and Recycling News published the following statement:

"Recology is a great example of a solid waste company that even in an aggressively environmental area looks to find its own niche and impact. Its home base of San Francisco has a 72% recycling rate, so much of the environmental good is done before it even gets to Recology. But the company still manages to recycle half of what it picks up. It diverts organic matter when the firm see it as a better option than landfill gas capture.

Recology, which renamed itself to include environmental words like recycling and ecology, has pushed to have more than half its fleet operate on environmentally friendly fuels, even at a higher cost. The firm even has an artist-in-residence program to make better use of discarded materials. That´s thinking outside the box for a garbage company."