Sep 25 - Growing Number of Municipalities Accept Beverage Cartons in Curbside

A growing number of California municipalities are accepting carton and aseptic beverage containers in curbside recycling. Around 90 California municipalities already accept the containers in curbside. Aseptic containers are designed to prevent the need for refrigeration by lining paperboard with thin layers of aluminum and plastic, making some municipalities hesitant to accept them in the past. But aseptic packaging can be pulped and recycled, and has over a 50% recycling rate in British Columbia's Bottle Bill program.

Recently, Waste Management partnered with beverage manufacturer Tropicana to accept beverage cartons in Waste Management's curbside recycling.

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SB 402, which would include aseptic and paperboard beverage containers in California's Bottle Bill, recently passed the legislature and is awaiting Governor Schwarzenegger signature or veto.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Governor Schwarzenegger to Sign SB 402 (Wolk) Retain California's Recycling Jobs and Infrastructure