Jul 24 - Oregon Passes First Paint Producer Responsibility Law in the Nation

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed into law the nation’s first program requiring paint manufacturers to safely manage leftover latex and oil-based paint from consumer and contractor painting jobs. The law is expected to result in the proper management of an estimated 800,000 gallons of leftover paint each year and to provide Oregon governments with service valued at over $6 million. Governments that currently collect leftover paint will realize a direct financial savings.

Leftover paint is the largest component of local household hazardous waste collection programs and is difficult to manage. The new system will include the cost of safely managing that leftover paint in the purchase price of new paint, and will set up an industry-led program to reduce paint waste, increase reuse and recycling, and safely dispose of remaining unusable paint.

Click here for the fact sheet for Oregon's HB 3037.

CA has a similiar bill, AB 1343 (Huffman) that will be heard in Senate Appropriations. So far, it has no opposition, and has the support of consumers, local government agencies throughout the State, the California Retailers Association, and the National Paint and Coatings Association, and environmental groups.