Feb 13 - Sprint Nextel Sets 90% Recovery Goal for its Cell Phones

Sprint Nextel Corp. has set a goal of recovering 90% of its mobile phones by 2017, according to Waste and Recycling News.

The Overland Park, Kan.-based wireless communications company will calculate the rate based on the number of phones recovered compared with annual device sales. It has instituted a zero electronic waste policy with the processors that refurbish and recycle the phones it collects. Sprint wants to ensure the phones are recycled safely, ethically and responsibly, said CEO Dan Hesse.

In 2008, the company collected more than 3 million wireless phones, which was 34% of the devices it sold. It was an increase from the 22% collection rate in 2007. More than 90% of the handsets Sprint collected in 2008 were reused, according to the company.

To Recycle your Phones:

Sprint offers a buyback program at its Web site, www.sprint.com/recycle, or by calling (866) 364-5680, and at each of its more than 1,200 retail stores nationwide. It also will take back, at no charge, all wireless phones, batteries, accessories and data cards regardless of brand. Postage-paid envelopes are available at all of its retail stores.

Also, in California, thanks to the Cell Phone Takeback and Recycling Law, California's largest cell phone retailers are required to takeback and recycle used cell phones, at no cost to the consumer, to be reused, recycled or properly disposed. Check out CAW's Where to Recycle website for more details.