Jan 27 - U.S. Senate Approves Four-month Delay in Digital TV Conversion

Late on monday, the Senate approved a four-month delay in digital TV conversion to June 12th, 2009. The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill next week.

The main reason for the delay is because there are still more than 6.5 million households not prepared for the switch, according to the latest estimates. In order for households with analog TV to continue receiving TV signals after the digital switch, they need to either be subscribed to cable or satellite tv or get converter boxes. However, the government program to provide coupons for converter boxes has ran out of money.

The National Association of Broadcasters had not taken a position on extending the deadline. The TV stations don't want to suddenly alienate and lose viewers, but they've also sunk money into preparing for the Feb. 17 transition.

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  • For households who have purchased digital TVs and want to dispose of their old TV sets, there are proper recycling facilities available here. In California, it is illegal to discard of TVs in the garbage.
  • Check out CAW's Where to Recycle page to find places to properly dispose of your unwanted things.