Jan 22 - Long Run to Keep California Beautiful

On Sunday, January 25, I will be running the Carlsbad Marathon with a purpose: supporting the work of Keep California Beautiful (KCB) and their 'Only My Feet Hit the Ground' campaign to reduce litter.

I hope you will join me in supporting KCB and making an online contribution to support their work.

Marathons, like any large event with thousands of participants and spectators, can generate a considerable amount of litter and waste. Keep California Beautiful is partnering with the organizers of the Carlsbad Marathon, the California Integrated Waste Management Board, and Waste Management, to implement a model strategy for reducing and recycling litter and waste at special events.

Keep California Beautiful is a state-wide non-profit organization with a long history of organizing and supporting hands on litter clean up events. Events like the Great Coastal Cleanup, and dozens of other local river and park clean up events have removed and recycled thousands of tons of trash. In addition to their clean-up work, KCB helps raise awareness of the sources and causes of litter. They have long been a partner with Californians Against Waste in these efforts and I hope you will join me in making a contribution in support of their work.

Thank you