Dec 24- Lights Out Energy-efficient Tech Dims Edison’s Bright Idea

On March 1, the Republic of Ireland becomes the first democratic country in the world to ban the traditional incandescent lightbulb. Incandescent converts only between 5 and 10 percent of electricity into light, losing the rest as radiant heat while compact fluorescent bulbs has 40 percent efficiency. In its place, hardware stores will stock shelves with compact fluorescents, halogens and LEDs.

The U.S. is making the switch too, although more slowly. By 2014, most light- bulbs will be 30 percent more efficient than those currently available. According to Peter Banwell of the Environmental Protection Agency, "Incandescents aren't going away but they will have a minimum efficiency level they'll need to meet."



  • In 2007, CAW sponsored AB 1109 (Huffman), which will substantially increase energy efficiency while reduce pollution from lighting sources and create convenient recycling opportunities as well. The bill was signed by the Governor in October 2007.