Dec 17 - Cal EPA Releases Green Chemistry Initiative Final Report of Recommendations

Yesterday, the California Environmental Protection Agency released the Green Chemistry Initiative Final Report of Recommendations. The six proposals contained in the report accelerate California's move toward a clean, green and sustainable economy, and mark a giant leap in environmental protection. The recommendations within the report are the result of a worldwide collaboration between Cal/EPA and experts from all sectors during an 18-month process that began in April 20, 2007.

Green Chemistry represents a large-scale paradigm shift in the way we view the chemicals contained in consumer products - evaluating the potential hazards when a product is in development rather than only once it's being used by consumers or disposed of.

The information created through the Green Chemistry Initiative will benefit California in many ways: through better information; new and innovative technology; creation of high-skill, high-wage jobs; stronger worker and consumer protection; and a cleaner, healthier environment.

Reducing toxic chemicals in products will also help make products easier to recycle, in terms of reduced hazardous waste management cost, reduced risk to workers handling the recycled materials, as well as reduced amount of pollutants generated into the environment.

CAW and Green Chemistry: